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Intriguing online training offered by Google

I have just discovered what I think is a fairly new service from Google. It’s completely free and it looks like it could make a real difference to me – and to quite a few of my clients.

The service is called ‘The Digital Garage’ and it’s online training software designed to improve your effectiveness online as a business or as a professional.  One of the things that really appeals to me is that it seems to be tailored around the individual users needs.

You get to use the package just by going to this link https://digitalgarage.withgoogle.com

Once there the software invites you to log in using your email address and then asks you a few questions about your current use of the internet, your business goals and so on.  From that it quickly creates a ‘Learning Plan’ of topics that you can get straight in to and start training right away.

Topics I came across were things like:

  • Getting noticed on Social Media
  • Using online advertising
  • Making the most of video

There seems to be quite a range and I for one am keen to start working through some of this. You get a visual record of your progress on screen as you learn and there is even some sort of certification at the end. All this for free!

I hope you get a chance to look at this yourself, and maybe share it with others.  It really looks like you can use it to go to the next level.

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